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Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|Emperor Yang of Sui and the Grand Canal

Exhibition Introduction:Yangzhou prospered because of the canal, and the life of Emperor Yang of Sui was intertwined with Yangzhou and the canal. The exhibition, with cultural relics as the main body, combined with scene reproduction and text display boards, narrates the intricate connection between Emperor Yang of Sui and Yangzhou and the Grand Canal through two lines of light and dark. The clear line is the life course of Emperor Yang of Sui, from being named King Jin and governing Yangzhou (formerly known as Jiangdu) as its chief, to three times in Yangzhou after becoming the emperor, then to the shattering of great ambitions, the change of Jiangdu Palace, and the loss of his country and life overnight; The dark line is to integrate Emperor Yang’s personal ambitions into the evolution of China’s great history, objectively present the historical achievements of the Sui Dynasty, including revitalizing culture and education, excavating canals, reforming rites and music, etc., and to re-examine the planning and construction of canals and its profound impact on later generations.


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